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Playoffs 2014
Week 3 3A-1A
Week 2 4A

Visitor ScoreVisiting TeamHome TeamHome ScoreQuarter
Visitor ScoreVisiting TeamHome TeamHome ScoreQuarter
Class ADivison I2014 PlayoffBracket
82 McBee1 Christ Church35Final
204 Bamberg-Erhardt2 Allendale-Fairfax8Final
Class ADivision II2014 PlayoffBracket
322 Hunter Kenard Tyler1 Lamar24Final
142 Estill1 Lake View36Final
Class AADivison I2014 PlayoffsBracket
163 Newberry1 Fairfield-Central3Final
203 Loris1 Dillon37Final
Class AADivision II2014 PlayoffBracket
286 Ninety Six5 Keenan46Final
342 Timberland1 Woodland14Final
Class AAAno divisions2014 PlayoffBracket
212 Emerald1 AC Flora58Final
202 BHP1 South Pointe23Final/OT
01 Berkeley1 Hartsville55Final
422 Marlboro County1 Mrytle Beach17Final
Class AAAADivision I2014 PlayoffBracket
168 Summerville1 Fort Dorchester31Final
1413 Lexington5 Hillcrest52Final
1410 Dorman2 Dutch Fork27FInal
366 Northwestern3 Byrnes37Final/OT
Class AAAADivision II2014 PlayoffBracket
2816 River Bluff9 York33Final
165 Greenwood4 Westwood0Final
237 North Augusta2 South Florence38Final
516 Spartanburg3 Stratford20Final

Nov. 20th: 3,560 Total Hits
Nov. 21st: 181,282 Total Hits
Nov. 22nd: 14,215 Total Hits

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